Naturebuild are specialists in Landscaping, landscape designs and custom luxury backyards. Creating Waterfalls, billabongs, swim ponds , natural pools, and lakes as well as being able to custom design and install basketball courts, pizza ovens, paving, garden, turf , outdoor kitchens, gazebos, pergolas, mini-golf courses , sports fields and much more.

NatureBuild Australia 

Certified Aquascape Contractors, Victoria, Australia


Servicing Castlemaine, Bendigo, Daylesford, Ballarat, Trentham and Kyneton with all other areas by request for all your Landscaping and Water feature needs.

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Recreational ponds, lakes ,and billabongs are a favorite of ours

at NatureBuild.They are often referred to as Swim Ponds or

Natural Pools but we prefer to call them recreation ponds as

the first and foremost reason we build them is to create a

sustainable Eco-system that not only houses fish and

water plants  but also provide a fantastic watering hole

for local wildlife to use. With so many of our natural

watering holes becoming depleted due to new home

construction this has never been more important.

Whatever you call them, these chemical-free rock pools are

gaining in popularity rapidly and we can understand why! 


Enjoy paddling alongside beautiful blooming water

lilies, listening to the waterfalls and watching fish

school in the water below while you snorkel or just relax

on the natural rock shelves. It is such an amazing and

tranquil experience that time just drifts away. 


We have been part of some of the most amazing recreational and natural swim

pond projects in Australia including the magnificent Lake Gkula at the Woodford Folk Festival which was designed by Waterscapes Australia and is the largest Wetland filtered Natural Swimming Pond in the country. 


NatureBuild are Master Certified Aquascape Contractors and do extensive practical and theoretical training around Australia and the United States to continue building the strongest knowledge base and skill set possible, as well as developing invaluable relationships with other Certified Contractors world wide.