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Pipe Flex PVC 40mm Cut to Length Per Metre


Reduces construction time markedly when compared to solid piping.

SKU: 29022C
Category: Installation & plumbing
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    5050High grade flexible PVC Pond Pipe. Similar to spa hose but black in colour and by far cheaper then ribbed pond hose.

    This product is not new to the pond industry as its been used for over 10 years overseas ( come on Australia!!) .

    This pipe is the best available and reduces construction time markedly when compared to solid piping. Simply bury it along the edge of you pond or creek and its done. No  push fittings –  just use regular PVC glue to quickly join or connect to your pump, skimmer and filter.

    As the pipe has a smooth inner surface and there is no need for fittings, the pumping volume loss due to friction is minimised.

    Extremely durable, this pipe is UV protected and puncture resistant unlike the thin walled ribbed pipe on the market. Try it once and you wont go back.


    This 40 mm piping is suitable for pumping volumes up to 12000 lts per hour with out restricting pump performance.

    • 40mm Inside Diameter
    • Bend radius = 13 cm. Makes it easy to install around objects and along the side of the feature
    • Flexible yet will not crimp or cave in
    • Above and below ground installations
    • Non-toxic formulation – Fish Safe
    • Manufactured from high quality PVC compound. It will last many many years with out splitting or deteriorating
    • Rigid PVC spiral resists crushing and impact
    • Temperature range -20ºC to 65º C
    • Working PSI @ 21ºC = 70PSI
    • Improves your water flow
    • Black color inhibits algae growth and is easily hidden
    • Comes in 7.62m and 15.2m Rolls
    • No more hose clamps – Use with PVC  glue-able slip fittings available from any hardware, plumbing or pool supplies

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