Making Erosion Managment Beautiful

Making Erosion Management Beautiful

When NatureBuild Australia were contacted by David from Clifftop @ Hepburn, Victoria , Australia he was facing a problem that needed a unique solution. There was a steep slope leading towards their new villas which was creating erosion problems exposing services and risking the structural integrity of the footings for the overhead boardwalk.

As Clifftop @ Hepburn is a multiple award-winning accommodation destination, It was important for the erosion management to not only be functional but it also had to be aesthetically beautiful to be in keeping with the surrounding look and feel of the estate.

After planning and discussions, we formulated a solution using 110m2 of Firestone 1.14mm Geogard EDPM Liner to create a natural recirculating waterfall at the front of the villa entry. This not only addressed the erosion problems by adding drainage , geotextile fabric and heavy duty Firestone liner topped with 40 tonnes of highland slate to retain the slope but also created a surface catchment area that was fully lined and collected into a water storage reservoir at the base of the waterfall using Firestone Geogard 1.14mm EDPM. The result was a stunning waterfall view from the villa windows as well as an erosion management solution for the problem area.

Due to the difficult access of the job and boulder placement it was important for us to use the thicker 1.14mm Geogard so we knew it would be strong enough to withstand the conditions. And the ease of cold seaming joins under difficult access conditions were also imperative.

What started as an unattractive and troublesome slope that was causing its fair share of headaches was transformed in 3 weeks by the team at NatureBuild into a feature that helped the accommodation win multiple awards for most unique accommodation and peoples choice the following year.

One year and many guests later, the waterfalls have become a large attraction to visitors from around the world. As well as winning NatureBuild the most impressive landscape feature photo for Firestone Australia and earning us a trip to Belgium to learn at firestone BPU earlier this year.


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