Metcalfe Pond Build

Updated: Jan 10

With the pond and waterfall ready to be started , we approached the job with gusto !

Outlining the curves and shelves with marking spray cans feeling somewhere between an artist and a vandal.

Ready to demolish the ground for an amazing feature of waterfalls, fish, plant life, and strategically placed lighting.

Our gusto was short lived... Rocks ! Lots and lots of rocks !

With the mini excavator on site we are making headway through the rocky terrain and making adjustments to the shape and layout of the pond as we go . We know well enough to not try to fight mother nature but instead work with her . Lots of challenges early but that is why we love what we do, and we know that some of the most wonderful results often lie on the other side of the challenges we face!

After a big day on the excavator the rock continued to get worse until we hit one continuous reef of stone.

We stopped the machine and decided a different approach was necessary, What cant go down, must go up!

After some adjustments the building process started moving along at a better pace and we were able to start getting the liner and rocks in and start making some shape of the pond .Gabriel was my test subject to show the size of the pond ! haha

We continued to bring in rocks and pebbles to form our shelves until the main pond section was ready for filling and we could move onto the waterfall.

More Rocks to be collected! Gabriel did a great job on the excavator , loading some rocks that just wouldn't have been able to be used if we didn't have the machine.

The pond starting to fill up! Always an exciting step , and It means we can move onto building the waterfall and doing some landscape and planting around the space!! Stay tuned for our next updates !

And here is the after Picture!! it looks amazing and the client is absolutely in love . We will show you some more feature photos of the pond including the Tiers and the fish and beautiful water plants and waterfall.

Here is a look into the pond , where you can see the fish are starting to settle in to the new environment .

The Amazing natural look of the Aquascape Eco system ponds is why we love working with them! Each pond is handmade , selecting the rocks that will create a stunning but natural looking one of a kind feature.

Some Long exposure shots of the waterfalls really do look wonderfull

Using driftwood and stone from the clients property really helped blend the pond into its natural surroundings .

Thanks for anyone that has followed along this build , this is our first blog so we will continue to improve and we hope to do many more that you can follow along with and see the great results from each of our projects!!

See you all soon, NatureBuild

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