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Landscapes, Japanese Gardens & Reflection spaces

NatureBuild offers full-scale landscaping from the initial design stage through to plantings, turf, paving and irrigation as well as our specialty water features, timber, and stonework.

Our landscapers have a wide range of specialties to help you create the landscape you have always dreamt about, or help you with designs and ideas to bring you an oasis right to your own courtyard, or backyard.

Whether it’s a small courtyard turned into a tranquil Japanese garden where you can relax and re-center after a busy day of hustle and bustle or you want to create your unique luxury backyard with a recreation pond for snorkeling with endemic fish species, a basketball court and even an outdoor kitchen to entertain the family.  NatureBuild’s landscapers can help you embrace your creativity and turn your landscaping dreams into reality.

Recent landscaping projects

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