Naturebuild are specialists in Landscaping, landscape designs and custom luxury backyards. Creating Waterfalls, billabongs, swim ponds , natural pools, and lakes as well as being able to custom design and install basketball courts, pizza ovens, paving, garden, turf , outdoor kitchens, gazebos, pergolas, mini-golf courses , sports fields and much more.

NatureBuild Australia 

Certified Aquascape Contractors, Victoria, Australia



Servicing Castlemaine, Bendigo, Daylesford, Ballarat, Trentham and Kyneton with all other areas by request for all your Landscaping and Water feature needs.

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NatureBuild are Master Certified Aquascape Contractors that offer fully custom landscapes in Central Victoria and surrounds(including Castlemaine, Bendigo, Daylesford, Ballarat, Kyneton and Trentham with all others by request.), specializing in Ponds , Recycled timber features and Japanese Garden design and construction as well as offering full-service landscaping and hardscaping for new and existing homes.

We have the team that can turn your backyard into an oasis.


Our Mission

With a passion for natural materials and a love of a forgotten time where tradesman were artists, we strive to bring the artisan style of thinking into your home. Working with new and recycled timbers , Stone and boulders as well as Eco Waterscapes, to create timeless features in your home, business, or garden .


Whether its recycled rafters, ponds or pond-less waterfalls, boulder retaining walls , pizza ovens or pretty much anything you can dream of... We can help! 


With an eye for design and a passion for the unique, we look forward to helping you create your very own paradise and turning your house into a home .















My Story:

I grew up on farms and large horse properties. When I was a kid I loved building cubby houses out of bales of straw and hay as well as climbing around on my favourite large rock formations, climbing the biggest trees I could find and swimming in the dams.


As I grew older I remember fondly the trips to pick up recycled timbers in the old farm ute that had to be constantly topped up with water, so it didn’t overheat (including a stop for the best sandwich we have ever eaten) and watching my dad build the old horse stables/gates and round yards out of large recycled timbers and natural bush poles. And less fondly remember trying and failing to de nail thousands of hardwood beams for pocket money.


My dad was the kind that could line up a 200-meter fence line within 10mm by eye and had learnt the tricks of the trade from years of working on farms where being a jack of all trades wasn’t an advantage but a necessity. Little did I know how much I would absorb of his work ethic and idealistic nature and that this would shape me and what I did for a living long after I thought I would have forgotten about it.


I love my job so much, not only because I love building ponds, stone and timber features, and seeing the satisfaction of clients, but because it reminds me of all the great memories I have as a kid spending time with Dad and making my own adventures in the natural surroundings. It’s these things that I believe fuel my passion and drives me to constantly try to better myself and turn natural materials into amazing features that will do justice to my love for the materials and my memories that go along with them.


Daniel O’Callaghan







Without our fantastic team of staff, sub contractors and fellow CACs , NatureBuild would not exist !



- Feature Carpentry - Recycled timber work - Eco Ponds and Waterscapes - Stonework - Landscape Construction and design - Mini Excavation - Outdoor kitchens - Pizza ovens - Sports courts - And much more